Here you can sign up for an individual online training in 3ds Max software. Classes are conducted by Konstantin Timofeev, the author of our video lessons, tutorials, video courses and webinars.

Individual training takes place in the format of an online conference. At the lessons you will see the broadcast of the teacher’s computer screen and hear his voice. To communicate with the teacher, you can use a microphone or a chat. At your request additionally video connection can be used.

In addition to the classes, the format of individual online training includes for a compulsory practical part, which consists of your self-guided homework. The teacher checks and rates all practical work.

For individual online training in the 3ds Max software, you need a modern PC (personal computer) or a laptop with Windows OS and an Internet connection. It is advisable that you already have the 3ds Max installed, because this will save you time. But it is not obligatory (the teacher will explain to you the installation process). You don’t need to install any additional software yourself.

The teaching program, cost of study as well as the schedule of classes, the time of classes and their amount will be discussed with the teacher after filling out the form below.

To make an appointment for individual online training, fill out the blanks below:
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